Sony PlayStation 5 All Set to Launch in 2020

Sony PlayStation 5 All Set to Launch in 2020

The wait will soon be over! Playstation – “The future of games”, will be launching the next-generation console.

Sony recently announced that it would be launching the next-generation PlayStation 5 in the 2020 holiday season. All the game lovers will be spellbound with the alluring features that will offer great virtual world experience.

The Japanese electronics company said that the upcoming version of PlayStation’s updated console will have a never-before feature of immersive controller that will be a major attraction to the  PlayStation players.

The next-gen PlayStation will have an enhanced virtual world effect for more engagement while playing games. Even the new controller with the sense of touch will add more to the fascination.  The new immersive controller comes with haptic feedback that will help the players to feel more action of the games. 

The games may feel more realistic with the support of ray-tracing technology which is a Hollywood level cutting edge technique. Every action which you experienced before will be more impactful with this version of PlayStation.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 also offers another exclusive feature – adaptive triggers which incorporate tactile resistance. It means that you can feel the sensation like pulling the string of bow and arrow or accelerating the vehicle off-road on a rocky path.

Even though PC game players have comparatively decreased after the emergence of mobile gaming, PlayStation 5 appears as a great opportunity to attract the gaming audience.

Gaming experts gave predicted that this might be the last generation of consoles. 

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