Taxi Ride in the Sky?

Taxi Ride in the Sky?

Volocopter a German startup company said Singapore is developing as one of the most expected destinations for the commercial introduction of its electric helicopters that anticipates approaching short-hop flights for the cost of a limousine trip. In addition, the co-founder of the company, which is operating with Singapore regulators to manage a public test flight in upcoming months, said the city-state, Germany, and Dubai were the marketplaces most exposed to its air taxis.

Several firms are attempting to carry so-called air taxis to the mass market but an absence of infrastructure and regulation, and security concerns have shown obstacles. Volocopter, which counts Daimler, Geely, and Intel among its backers, is pointing a strategic marketable rollout in two to three years of its drone-like cabs that look like a mini helicopter, which is powered by 18 rotors. There are two customers profile for the commercial ways, one is a business customer, so possibly from the airport to the business center. How helicopters take-off and land that will check by test and if it’s appropriate to work in the urban atmosphere like that of Singapore.

These air cabs or taxi by Volocopter will look the same as a helicopter but operate with the drone technique. This taxi can carry 160 kgs i.e. 2 passengers up to 30km distance. The company states that till now it has noted 1000 test flights, some were flying via remote control or autonomously and some were flown by humans. Subsequently, one of the most established nations is Singapore which will observe driverless buses by 2022, flying commercial flights will also be a key moment for the nation. Volocopter is now totally concentrating on reaching commercial authorization for flying the novel air taxis.

This company newly declared its purpose to collaborate with Frankfurt Airport. The objective of both sides is to progress ideas for the ground organization and the process of electric air taxis. The focus is on efficient connections to present traffic infrastructure and smooth passenger handling.

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