What changed for the market when you were sleeping? Read more to find out.

What changed for the market when you were sleeping? Read more to find out.

Indian Stock Market:

The trends on the SGF Nifty indicated a lower opening in terms of the BSE Sensex with a decrease in points by 17.5 points or 0.15% percent. The Sensex was up by 246.68 points (+0.65%) ranking at 38,127.08 while the Nifty was up by 70.50 points (+0.63%) ranking in at 11,305. In retrospect, around 1,084 shares rose in value, 1,360 shares declined and 155 shares remained unhinged. The ongoing trends indicated a decreased in value with a loss in points in the range of 17.5 (-0.15%) as the trades were being dealt at around 11,291.

US Stock Market:

The US market ended with a percent in increase in value from Friday. Partial reasons for the increase in value are pointed towards the partial trade agreements between the US and the China amid their trade war situation. The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased to 319.92 points (+1.21%) to 26,816.59. While the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq Composite rose up by 32.14 points (+1.09%) to 2,970.27 and 106.27 points (+1.35%) to 8,057.04 respectively.  

Asian Stock Market:

The Asian market pushed a tad higher as there were signs of progress in the Sino-US relationships. The MSCI index outside of Japan increased in value by a margin of 0.5% while Australia’s and South Korea’s main index rose by a margin of 0.9% and 1.3% respectively.

Oil Prices:

Oil prices in the US rose by a price of 6 cents to $60.60 a barrel according to the Brent Crude futures and the West Texas Intermediate futures priced the barrels at $54.79 a barrel which rose from the current price by a range of 9 cents.

Forex Reserves rises to an all-time high:

According to RBI, the country’s foreign reserve exchange rose up in value with the addition of $4.24 billion in to week leading to the second week of October bringing the total reserve to $437.83 billion in total. This was the second stream of revenue added to the Forex Exchange Market with the addition of $5.02 billion to the already enormous surplus of #433.59 billion.  

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